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4/19/20231 min read

"Hygiene Tips for Goats: Because Even They Need to Keep It Clean"

  1. Keep their living space clean: Just because goats are known to eat anything doesn't mean they should have to live in filth. Keep their living area clean by regularly removing any manure or soiled bedding.

  2. Provide clean water: Goats don't enjoy drinking dirty or contaminated water any more than you do. Keep their water fresh and clean to ensure they stay hydrated and healthy.

  3. Groom their coats: Your goats want to look good too! Regularly brush or comb their coats to keep them clean and free of debris. Who knows, they might even strut their stuff a little more with a shiny coat.

  4. Trim their hooves: No one likes long toenails, and that includes goats. Regularly trim their hooves to prevent overgrowth and keep them comfortable.

  5. Vaccinate and deworm: Nobody wants to be sick or have parasites. Follow a vaccination and deworming schedule recommended by your veterinarian to keep your goats healthy and happy.

  6. Monitor their health: If your goats are acting a little "baaah" or not feeling well, don't hesitate to call the vet.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your goats are happy, healthy, and looking their best.