Here are the Does / Dams that call Kiko Hill Ranch their home:

Doris: She is proving to be a leader among her peers. She's a beautiful dark brown doe with a cautious attitude. She gave birth to twin girls her first kidding season... these beautiful black and brown kids pictured with her. Registration

Daisy: She's a sweet-natured doe with a gentle disposition. She loves to be petted and will follow you around for scratches behind the ears. She gave birth to triplet bucklings with beautiful color variations her first kidding season. Regristration

Lily: A beautiful white doe that is so patient and loves to let all of the kids climb on her. Registration

Katie: She's gentle with a calming presence and a knack for keeping the younger goats in line. She gave birth to triplets her first kidding season... one doeling and two bucklings. Registration

#1622 SLA Blossom: Born a triplet, has a nice large backstrap with good teats and udder. Registration

#1632 SLA Chloe: Born a twin, nice light brown and white coloring. Registration

#1862 SLA Callie: Born a twin, with cute speckled ears. Registration

#1196 DNN Bluebird: A beautiful blue colored doe. Born a triplet. Registration

#1198 DNN Raven: Solid black doe. Born a triplet. Registration

#2128 DNN Jezabel: Vibrant blue coloring. Born a quad. Registration